Monday, May 16, 2011

color explosion

you may notice my blog looks different.
yea, I messed something up and had to re-do it, including making a different header b/c my old one was lost when I had to reformat my computer.  I like it though. sweet and simple-ish.
and I'm seriously going to actually learn how to do html stuff someday.

here are a few things I've pinned this week.
color crazy.
rooms I'd love to live in, but my husband would hate.
he'd be happy in plain white with 0 clutter. he married the wrong girl.

1 comment:

Urska M. said...

Eh, I seriously doubt he married the wrong girl :) compromises are all :) however, most of males are 0 clutter and plain color, & thats why they have us - we make their life more colorful & interesting <3 xoxo

- Urska @

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