Monday, May 16, 2011

Art class with kids: following instructions

My art class has about 12 students in it, so it should be quite manageable, right?
well there is one child who tests me repeatedly.
In order to make him more involved and attentive for the entire hour long class I came up with this project to get them to follow step by step instructions, to learn about horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, and to show them that there is no wrong way to do art and even when we all follow the same steps we come out with very different outcomes!

They all started with a blank piece of paper and I gave them the following instructions:

1. draw 3 vertical lines
2. draw 2 horizontal lines
3. draw 1 diagonal line
4. draw one large circle
5. draw a triangle
6. draw 3 small circles
7. draw a square

then I said fill one space in with dots, fill one space in with stripes, with numbers, smiley faces, squiggle lines, zig zags, color one in completely, etc.
Every once in a while I said fill one in with anything you want and they got so excited!! I was impressed to see their creativity too.  Some filled their space with question marks, sunshines, their name, hearts...
and it fill up my entire hour time slot and kept their full attention!




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