Friday, May 6, 2011

Art class with kids: Mother's Day

I did some Mother's Day crafts with my kiddos at the Montessori school this week and these are the pictures I last minute remembered to snap.

One of my all time favorite crafts to make are tissue paper flowers.
They are so easy and turn out beautiful. even 6 year olds can make them.
I learned from the best, Martha of course.

The kids each made 4-5 flowers and then we put them together inside a bottle decorated with ribbon and Happy Mother's Day jargon.

We also made Mother's Day Card Fans.
We live in Grenada and it is HOT HOT HOT so I thought, what better to make Mom than a fan so she can cool herself off while she sitting out in the heat watching another soccer game or waiting in the sweltering car.
I think they turned out great. I let the kids decorate them any way they wanted and some really took off with it.

Amzing Mom. love it & these kids!!

At my after school program we also did a little Mother's Day activity inspired by Martha Stewart.  I saw on her website she had a Mother's Day Newspaper. 
I couldn't get the pdf to work for me, so I just whipped up my own on Microsoft Publisher (easy peasy) and the kids thought it was so cool to have their Mom in a  newspaper! :)

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Sarah said...

You're so crafty - I'm so jealous! I've never even heard of tissue paper flower - but you did a great idea!

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