Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That darn cabinet.

Do you remember that horribly awkward cabinet I have dividing my living room and kitchen?
I am still on the mission to cover up the glass panes and hide all my dishes and food that fills these cabinets.
but I think the cabinet is winning.

This is our apartment on the day we moved in.
I can't believe how empty it looks.  Where did I get all of this stuff?!
oh yea. from the trash...
Halloween Party Last year
the cabinet looks slightly less cluttered because I was literally using all our dishes for the party.
and um like jello much?
Christmas snowflakes
so apparently the bottom looked so bad I just cropped it out.

And this is what it looks like today:


I only had 2 sheets of tissue paper left, and they're not even the same color, but it is more noticeable in this photo than it is in real life, and they aren't big enough to cover the entire glass, so I added the newspaper to tie into the newspaper roses I made and for more texture, but I still don't know about it.
I want it to look full and complete, but not cluttered, you know?

Glass panes aside, I love the top shelf. 

that wine bottle again! 
I don't even drink wine, I just like the bottle.  I picked some flowers and berries & bam fall decor!
That triangle is a piece of wood I found wrapped in twine & the basket really deserves a post all of its own... it is a Calabash.  A fruit  that I picked, carved out like a basket, and let dry.  They sell them in the markets here.  When I get home I'm probably going to paint it. or not. I like the color and texture.
remember when I made magazine roses? well newspaper roses are even better!
I love the texture and they are much easier to mold into shape.
love my sign from the ditch!

Do you have a problem area in your home that you're always trying to cover up or fix?
I'm open to suggestions for mine!  But remember that I don't have a Target or Goodwill to run to buy something...


Emily Joyce said...

I love the snowflakes! I suppose you don't have scrapbook paper available? What about covering it with trendy fabric? You can always order cute fabric from fabric.com.

I love the newspaper roses! I have to make some of those!

Emily @ mirrors metaphors and kaleidoscopes said...

I love the combination of decoarative pieces that you have up now! It always makes me feel happy and inspired to see things made from everyday items!



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