Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I {would} wear Wednesday

I've been seeing all these new {is anything really new though?} fall trends all over the internet and magazines and I've been daydreaming about wearing these clothes.... rather than my 2 year old, over washed, cut offs and tank tops.

1.  White jeans for fall/winter.
I have a pair of awesome white jeans waiting for me at home!  I will totally be wearing those once December rolls around. Maybe I'll look a little like this. {thank you Jesus that tall boots didn't go out of style while I was off in the Caribbean, I have 10 lonely pairs in my closet at home just begging to be worn over white jeans!}

Source: via Brandy on Pinterest
Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

2. Tall boots with socks.
I was always that girl that loved knee socks.  Channeling my inner school girl I suppose.  In Ohio in the wintertime I may need to layer my tights and knee socks or my jeans and socks like this adorable girl.

3. Plaid
I don't know if it is the country girl in me but I have always loved plaid.  Plaid and cowboy boots! So for me it's never really in style or not. I still wear it!  Maybe I'll style it in up in the form of a maxi skirt {big for fall}

4. Polka Dots
This is kind of like plaid for me... I never stopped wearing it.  I'm a 1950s girl at heart!
I'm pretty excited about the perfect polka dot scarf that I have waiting for me at home though.

5. Wide legs
So thankful that I never get rid of anything!  I still have about 4 pairs of wide leg pants from when they were really popular a few years ago {before skinny took over the world} and bonus I have white wide leg pants!

Source: None via Katie on Pinterest

And the jury is still out on the following... probably because I don't own any of these things and I'm just not sure I love it yet. 

bright colored jeans


mullet hemlines
Source: via Aleks on Pinterest

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall??


Amanda @ New Adventures said...

I love fall fashion and I can't wait to break out my cozy sweaters and boots!

Lisa said...

I loved your Fall fashion trends! I'd be wearing 95% of those too! :) ~Visiting from No Model Lady's linky party!~
~Lisa @ Organized Chaos

Cindy Adkins said...

WOW, I love these--I saw the pic on Frugalicious Me and had to come over and say "hi!"


Amanda @ the lady of the house said...

Mmmm.. I want to wear those... or go shopping... or change my clothes!

No Model Lady said...

I can't wait for boots and cozy sweaters!! I definitely love my red jeans and wish I'd gotten more colors! said...

Loving white jeans for fall! So happy that idea that you cant wear white after Labor Day is over!! :) Great ideas from Pinterest!!


Marie said...

Just found your blog and am loving it! So excited for fall and winter fashion! I'm your newest follower!


Tasha Anderson said...

Hey Cutie!
You are Haute Stuff today at Frugalicious Me!
Hope that's okay with you!


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