Sunday, September 25, 2011

Color Duo: Orange and Green

Keeping with the pumpkin theme I decided to chose orange and green this week for a color combo.
Before browsing the internet for images I didn't think I'd find anything that great, I mean orange and green?
I was pleasantly surprised to find a few. I think the secret to making this color combo work is to use it in small doses.  As much as we all love Halloween, you don't want to live in a pumpkin... right?

Source: None via Kimberly on Pinterest



Kristen said...

Ahhh! OK a few things to address... A) I've missed being around here! B) Your blog design is STUN.NING. C) I'm bribing my husband to build me that window/desk set up!

Maury said...

I love the combo. In fact, I am currently painting my dining room in an orange/green combo. My ceiling is a metallic green with cinnamon orange walls. It sounds crazy but I love the combo. SO funn that you posted this today!

Cat said...

The campbells pop art is pretty cool

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