Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I Wear Wednesday - Layering over Dresses

I only have 2 photos this week, and I don't even think one of them is from this week...
Good news is I got my camera today!! My friend Cat has been letting me borrow her back-up camera for a couple weeks and I've been so  thankful, but I am THRILLED to have my own camera again!
I think it's stressful borrowing someone else's things, don't you?

Anyway, I'm so bored of all my clothes and there are no new options in sight until December... so I decided to play around with layering the clothes I've already got.... when the temperatures in Grenada allow it.  (I think it's around 100degrees today and 1000%humidity. serious)

Sunday mornings I can usually wear something a little different than usual to church.
1. it's an excuse to get slightly dressed up
2. the church is usually around 70degrees with all the air conditioning.

I have this super bright Isaac Mizrahi floral dress from Target that I love.... but I'll admit, I sorta stick out in it.  I decided to tone it down a bit by layering a black tank top and belt over it & loved the result! I'll probably never wear it alone again.

please excuse the poor self-timer attempt.

In keeping with the layering theme I was playing around with a couple of my maxi dresses and trying to come up with more of a "fall" look.
I figured I could just turn my dress into a maxi skirt to keep up with the trend, right?  add some plaid and my new necklace I made and bam its fall in Grenada!
Yay for new life out of old dresses!
blurry face... and perhaps this outfit makes me look pregnant? too flowy?

As you can tell I've kinda been stuck on the side bun. and side braid too.  It contains all my hair and keeps it off my neck.  and looks slightly better than a normal bun... right? :)
In December I am getting a new dramatic hair cut. for real.


Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Love how you layered the top over the maxi dress! I have one that I need to try this with. :)

Amanda @ the lady of the house said...

That Isaac Mizrahi dress from Target is beautiful! Wish I had a Target here! Anyway, I love how you gave new life to old clothes!

ChristyB said...

Very good idea layering items already in your closet. I need to do that! You have inspired me.

Emily Joyce said...

I never would have thought of wearing a top OVER a long dress. What a good idea! I like both outfits you put together!

Jason and Kate said...

Love this look. I am going to have to try it.


Katherine Elizabeth Dominguez said...

Love that Second outfit! Too cute :-)


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