Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I Wear Wednesday - Shoe Edition

Here's another glimpse into my life. 
I went home in May after being in Grenada for about a year and half and when I went into my old bedroom at my parents house I couldn't believe how much stuff I had forgotten I owned!
Living here with only what we could fit into 2 suitcases is a little tiring and I sometimes start to feel sorry for myself like like I don't have anything to wear and no where to go buy something new.
So to remind myself that I actually do have belongings in Ohio waiting for me I decided to take pictures of my closet to look at whenever I felt the shopping urge.

My favorite things in my closet are my shoes.
I am a super thrifty shopper, and since I'm so cheap I usually end up buying lots of things.
I know it's a problem.

In my hometown we have a Target outlet. you heard right. it could also be named Almost Heaven.
Pretty much anything Target has this outlet has.  I don't understand how or why. it's not used or damaged usually. Everything is practically under $5.  Can you blame me for buying 3 pairs of shoes per week before I was married?

So on days like today when I am totally over the Old Navy flip flops I live in, in Grenada I look at these pictures and remember the days when I had a reason to get dressed up and wear real shoes.





And I'd like to say a huge thank you to my Mom and Dad for allowing me to leave my bedroom exactly how it was when I was in college. 
Maybe they secretly like that it still looks like I live there :)


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, where in Ohio is this place?!?! I just might have to make a special vacation there, just so I can do some shopping. I practically live in Target. I'd probably go a little bit crazy at a Target outlet!!

And wowsa, girl! You do have a whole heck of a lotta shoes! =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours!

Style Journey said...

Oh my! Where at in Ohio is the Target outlet? I am from Ohio, so I never knew this treasure existed. That is a lot of shoes!


Amanda said...

So now I don't feel so bad for the bulk of my own closet! Your shoes are fantastic!
And to answer your question (posted on my blog some time ago), there is NO Target in least none that I know about. I didn't even know Target outlets exist... I think I will have to curb my jealousy!

Miss Kitty said...

Oh, your boot collection is my favorite part of your closet! As a parent of grown children, it was sad when I moved to a smaller house after all the children left home and I had to give up their "shrine bedrooms". I think your parents like the Kelsey "shrine" too...probably your awards and pictures growing up are in your room...great memories.

Susan said...

I think they totally secretly still love that it looks like you still live there. They must miss you something awful - nice collection!

Marisa said...

Target outlet!? I'm visiting YOU! Forget Michigan!

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