Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Macrame Necklace

You've probably seen this floating around the internet and pinterest.
I did and wanted one so I got my supplies and made this is about 5 minutes. 
Easiest thing I've ever done, seriously! 


This is the tutorial I used here - http://www.macramelovers.com/blog/macrame-jewelry/macrame-necklace/
I didn't have the chain so I used my handy dandy jute twine :)

I've been super busy lately, my volunteering has started to pick up and I've been spending my afternoons with the sweet little kiddos, so not a whole lota time to blog/craft.... but I do have a few projects I've been working on so stay tuned!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

1 comment:

Miss Kitty said...

Hi Kelsey! Your necklace looks great. From the picture, it looks kinda vintage or even a little nautical. Thank you so much for sharing the site that teaches us how to make one for ourselves. Macrame was really popular in the 1970's...it seems to making a comeback. I am also going over to see your button necklace.

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