Monday, June 18, 2012

Vintage Family Photos

My Uncle Jim is the family historian, so to speak.
He has put up tons of family photos on facebook.
Photos from when photography began.

I can't get over a few of them and just how classic they are.
Someday when I have the money and space to do so I want to print them out and have a gallery wall of old photos of my actual relatives.  How cool would that be??

Aunt Petie 1910
 my favorite is the girl in the back left's pig tails! 
 William 1870s
 Aunt Daisy 1888




 My Grandma!!! 1927

Grandma at age 15, 1937

                     one of my favorites... my Dad (her son) loves love loves chickens. it's so perfect.

 My amazingly beautiful grandparents.  Isn't my grandpa dreamy?? :)

 can you just hear Ray Charles singing The Spirit of Christmas like in Christmas Vacation?? :)

This is my Grandma and Grandpa Cooper's family.  My dad is in the back right.  I love how he is smirking... and that hair cut is incredible.
It was 1968 the year my Dad graduated high school and went to Vietnam.

1978.  Same family 10 years later.  Can you believe how much my grandparents aged in that 10 years??
My Dad's in the yellow.  I think this is one of his best pictures ever.  He's so handsome!!  I can't imagine him ever wearing a sweater like this though. ha!

Isn't family fun?
I am so thankful for my history and all these people that came before me.
Thanks Uncle Jim for preserving our heritage for generations to come.


Marisa said...

Amazing! One of my dad's cousin is the family historian. I'd love to look at her binders some day. She has tons. My dad and his siblings only have a few old photos, but I don't think any of them go as far back as the 1800s!

Amanda said...

Love all these! I have most of these printed for my scrapbooks. The one of grandma with the chickens in in my vintage family photos gallery on my living room wall. :) Go back through my Instagram feed to the yellow frame pic and you'll see it.

Mia Gabriella said...

Lovely photos Kelsey! I don't have a lot of vintage family photos but the ones I do have I just love to look at them.

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