Thursday, June 21, 2012

Save the pink bathroom - reveal

I am so anxious to share some pictures of our apartment that I finally just picked the room that was most complete.  The bathroom.
I still have a few small things to do, namely - finding a clock, figuring out the blinds situation, and a toothbrush holder of some sort.

I'll share first the before pictures.  Everyone loves a Before and After.
The bathroom is pink. pink pink pink.

 This is how it looked the day I moved in.  Curtain, rugs supplied by the landlord and our miscellaneous stuff we threw in their during unpacking.

And here it is today, about 3 weeks later.  This is me going with a vintage feel.
I really am not that happy with how it is turning out in these pictures.  I like it in person so much more.  I seriously smile every time I catch a glimpse of all those frames on the wall... 
If you want to know what it looks like for real, you'll have to come on over!! :)



Shower curtain? no.... curtains I bought (4 years ago) that were too short for the giant windows in my living room here.  So.... it's covering up the heinous sliding doors. 

:) good bye butterflies.....


All my old pictures in my "old" bathroom.


a few of my favorite vintage frames and prints !


Pictures above the mirror found at my new favorite thrift store for $1 each.

no towel racks. cue in ladder.
                                          Details.  I'm learning to love and appreciate this pink  tile. :)


I like a little piece of Grenada in each room :)
a pink sink too!
Mirror on the door so I can check the back of my hair ;)

                                                                      Before and After


Thanks for visiting my bathroom!!! 
You'll be invited back when I find/make the perfect clock!!



Amanda C. said...

Wow, that is a pink bathroom. It is very much improved. What is with the butterfly shower door? Is it made out of bamboo?

Marisa said...

I'm so glad to see you got rid of the furry green "toilet clothes" as Andy calls them. :)

Kathryn said...

That is so cute! Love the art gallery behind the toilet. So refreshing to see someone take a horrid 50's colored bathroom and make it beautiful without tearing everything out and spending thousands of dollars on a total reno!
(Found you through Chic On a Shoestring) :)

Lauren Crews said...

So cute! I love the wall of pictures! I'm dying to try doing one, but it's so intimidating! And we must have had the same idea, I posted a "welcome to my house" picture blog about the same time you did yours! Happy weekend!

habecker said...

question! so that curtain you have tied on the sides on the window is actually a regular curtain? PLEASE share!

Shiloh said...

Your apt is so precious! Great job, Kels! :) and... I HAVE THOSE LINEN CURTAINS! :)

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