Sunday, June 24, 2012

THE Kitchen

My next room I'd like to share is one of the happiest rooms in our apartment!
A room that I spend a lot of time in.
Where I do my crafting and where my little fishy baby Neff lives.
The Kitchen! I gave you a little preview a couple weeks ago {here} but have since completed it a bit more... but not that chair yet, don't look too close...





An AWESOME yard sale find!! I think I paid $4 for it, which to me is actually a little steep for a yard sale, but I. HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.


Whats' that you ask?? Is that Napoleon Dynamite on my fridge??
I got this for Christmas one year, it's a giant magnet that is supposed to go on your car, haha!
So I decided the fridge was the perfect place him, makes me smile every time!



Those cookies?  I actually just made them for Lee to enjoy when he got home from work, but once they were there I didn't let him touch them until after I took the picture b/c they looked like a good prop ;)


bird salt and pepper shakers from when I worked at Pier 1!



Not exactly sure where I got these... I've had them in my room in a box for a long time just waiting for a chance to use them!  So happy to finally have a place to display all my treasures!


Close up of the amazing old desk I got at a local Catholic thrift shop for $10!  (Did I blog about it before? If I didn't.... I should have.)


LCK - monogram from our wedding table! :)
Giant fork and spoon?  found at a yard sale for $1. They're aluminum and so I just spray painted them - yellow!


This antique printer's drawer may have been my Grandpa's.... not 100% sure, but I found it in my parent's old house and took ownership over it!  It now holds my vintage sewing notions and Kinder Egg toys.
I found this yellow tray, as is, in the garage at an estate sale for $2! and that tree type thing is a jewelry holder I got at IKEA in college.  I don't actually like to put my jewelry on it, I like the way it looks all by itself.




Right now my old Pepsi crate is holding miscellaneous junk... but someday I'll clear it out and it'll be on "display" 


fabric and vinyl letters - clearance at Jo Anns!



oh yea yellow Fiesta Ware! 

So that's the kitchen! 
It's.... yellow huh?


Marisa said...

I like the yellow Fiesta ware! And little Neffy!

xoxo-Kristen said...

Kelsey this is Amazing!! I love it! Fabric looks good!

Amanda said...

Love it all! Your dishes are great and the printers tray, I hope it was Gpas! If you have leftover fabric a yellow and gray bunting would match my bedroom perfectly.....*hint * hint.

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