Tuesday, June 26, 2012

new layout

it's 2:15am.
good thing I don't have to work tomorrow morning!
I've successfully watched 3 movies and spent hours re-doing this blog.

I just wasn't content with the way it looked and for about 20 minutes seriously considered paying someone to make it look more cohesive and professional and beautiful.... until I saw how much people are charging.
yea. right.
this girl is cheap.

So I googled about 1000 tutorials on how to do all sorts of html things that I'll never remember.
Thanks all you other people who understand and did all the work for me to know how to center things and create spaces and such :)

New things? 
Well I did a new header using the picture I took of the vintage linens on my bed. 
Yep that background is my sheets, duvet, and pillowcases!  pretty nifty huh?
I made it using only Picasa..... because you might have guessed that my world came crashing down when Pincik went out.  Picasa is no way nearly as good.  I want to play more with font and layers than it allows, but whatev.
I edited it using a few combinations of effects including pencil sketch and cross process to name a few.  Basically I just keep clicking and adjusting things until I'm happy.

I also made buttons for pinterest, instagram, twitter, and my other blog using the same photo. 
I just cropped sections of it to a square, added text, and uploaded them to flickr, and then linked the photo to the appropriate url.

Let's see what else..... um I made all the links open in new tabs and removed about a billion unnecessary things that were crowding up the space, like all the blog buttons (which no one ever looks at or clicks on) and cleaned up my label cloud and moved everything to one side so there is more room for the actual blog post and pictures. 

I need to do some serious work on my photography skills I've realized..... so frustrating to take pictures of a house with not very many windows and a little point and shoot. boo hoo me.

So yea!  Here's a fresh look for a while!
Now I need to work on my other blog..... Coghills in Michigan just doesn't inspire me quite the same as Coghills in Grenada did............... :)


mrsschoondog said...

I recently found your blog and love it. You are so creative. I like the new design! Thanks for the inspirations!

Marisa said...

Write about your first chiropractic experience in your other blog!

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