Saturday, June 23, 2012

Free Find.... Saturday.

ok so I missed yesterday...
but it's all good.
I didn't forget... I was just in a mood yesterday.

I should be thrilled on Fridays... no work and yard sales abound in the area
I got a "warning" from a cop because I parked in the wrong spot while I went to a yard sale for charity (give me a break dude!) and then came home annoyed and grumpy... at least until my Lee came home and things perked up.

anyway.  I did get something free this week!!
:) :)

it's going to need a little tlc but that's all I've got.


The seat is a little saggy.  Needs some support, but over all it's a really nice, good quality chair.
I actually love the fabric on it so I'm going to do my best to save it! 
I'll keep you updated on it's status, lol, right now she's sitting at the dining room table because I needed a 4th chair and it's not like we have anyone coming over anytime soon anyway, so no fear of someone caving through :)

Thanks sweet old man at a sale :)
I also scored some devotional books, a yellow necklace, and gold bracelet - for free!!

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