Friday, June 15, 2012

Free Find Friday: Duvet trick

I found an adorable duvet cover at a thrift store nearby {originally from Ikea} for $1.50 {basically free right}!! I had to have it.... but it was only the cover.  I figured for $1.50 I could someday buy a new duvet to go inside.
I brought it home and laid it on the bed to see how the pattern worked with other patterns that I have {LOVE to mix patterns} and then noticed that in the corner was a comforter that a friend had given me recently and I was planning on using in the spare room but I didn't really love the colors {but like I said, it was FREE}

I got the idea to see if I could just shove the comforter inside the duvet cover...... and you totally can!

I figured since I already shared part of my bed with you in my last post {DIY Recycled Art} I could go ahead and share about whats on the bed even though the room isn't "finished" just yet.

 my colorful patterns. ALL thrifted or free.
love love love to be able to say that. 

So if you have a comforter that you love, it's warm and cozy.. but is looking a little drab or doesn't quite "go" with the rest, just cover it up :)


Amber said...

Kelsey this is brilliant and it looks so good!

Lauren @mercyINK said...

i'm in love with your mixed prints... and so awesome that they were cheap/free! fantastic!!!
come share at the Hearts&Homes link up at! we'd love to have you!

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