Monday, June 20, 2011


you know the current craze over coupons??
yea, this is EXACTLY  the kind of thing I would do.  Coupons would be my jam... but I'm in Grenada. where there are no coupons.
When we first got married Lee and I would scour Kroger for the best deals, because it was fun and new and we had time for that.

I have this fear that by the time I get back to America the stores and manufactures are going to think that people got too good at couponing and stop making them.
unfounded fear?? hm
Source: via Kelley on Pinterest

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habecker said...

since the couponing shows we (couponers) are already seeing changes to couponing. and not in our favor. :/

so yeah. not unfounded. i too wonder if/when coupons will be no more.

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