Thursday, June 30, 2011

american picnik.

picnik has some pretty fun 4th of July features!

My favorite is the flag you can super impose over a picture, however, along with the cool faded flag they foolishly put a bright, cheesy American flag sticker in right hand corner.  So I used that feature and then cropped the corner with the sticker off and then merged the picture back together, make sense?


Me & my Canadian hubby

Star Bokeh! you really have to play with the settings on this one


CMae said...

Kelsey! I love the last picture with the stars effect!!! How did you do that if I might ask!!! Do share~!

Anonymous said...

These are cute! I love playing around with the different settings on Picnik :b

C said...

You are so beautiful, and absolutely better at Picnik than I am!

Anonymous said...

You've convinced me to fork over the $20 something or other bucks it costs to upgrade for better editing. The pictures look so cool! I didn't realize that you could do so much with picnik!

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