Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fossil Key Per

I'm not usually one to love a certain name or have to have a designer purse... but I saw the new Fossil Key Per purses first in the Duty Free shop by the Cruise Ship Terminal in Grenada and absolutely loved them! Mostly because of the giant key and the particular one I saw had birds on it. Two things I'm weak towards.

Then when I get home I went shopping at a department store with my best friend & couldn't get over how cute they were!! But I could never buy one and not feel guilty about it because of our current financial situation.... so my amazing friend Michelle just showed up with one a few days later as a gift for me!!
How sweet!

This is mine:

and these are some others that I love too

& ps. I will get out of this blogging rut soon... I'm just batting a little back-to-the-island-funk & a summer colr :/

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