Monday, January 30, 2012

Superbowl food!

I love any excuse to have a party. so this weekend, superbowl it is!
Last year my husband and I were in Grenada and he was studying all day and I still made lots of special food for the two of us to enjoy and I think we only watched the 2nd half...
Anyway, this year I'm home and I think at least my parents will be here for the superbowl and I'd love to try some cute little finger foods!

I'm having a serious craving for mozzarella sticks.
What are you making for the superbowl?
Do you like football or just the ads?
or just the food? :)

Don't forget about the giveaway going on now!!
Happy Monday!


Emily said...

This food looks great....and would totally be a party hit!

One year my husband I made the Bacon Explosion:

People were cracking up {even funnier because I'm vegetarian}...but ultimately, I'm told it didn't taste that amazing.

The chocolate covered "footballs" are more up my alley :)

kat @ dot dot dash said...

would love a bowl of those chocolate covered strawberry footballs!
x kat

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