Friday, January 6, 2012

Fancy Fascinators!

My mom bought a gorgeous dress for my sister's vow renewal.  I absolutely loved it.
And she liked to brag that she got it for .98cents.
not really though... it was $20.98 and she had a $20 gift card... but still a great deal.
When she was trying on the dress (at Belk) there was a headband fascinator that she fell in love with, but it was $50 and she was too cheap to buy it (I don't blame her one bit) . Then it went on sale for $30 and my dad wanted to get it for her for Christmas but by the time we went back to the store it was gone.
So I did what any other DIY loving girl would do I set to make one myself!
I never saw the original one from Belk.... actually until just now when I thought to see if they had it online, duh.

 I'm actually glad I didn't see this one because I don't really like it that much...

Here is the one I made my momma!

It matched her dress perfectly!
It only cost about $4 to make:
.25cents for a 12inch cut of blue tulle
.99cents for the blue flower in the center from the wedding floral section of Hobby Lobby
.99cents for the blue beads
$1 for the black feathers
Free - the jeweled centerpiece (it came in a misc bag of stuff my dad bought off Ebay, used to be a clip on earring!)

I liked it so much I made some for my nieces to wear for the ceremony too!

I whipped one up for my other sister last minute, she thought her outfit needed a little extra something so she got a broach of mine, chicken feathers from my dad's chickens in the yard, and a headband. serious! and it turned out so cute!

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Kay said...

You did such a pretty job, you should post a tutorial!

I really do wish that US fashion would just hop on the bandwagon and require hats and fascinators for weddings. They're just so much fun.

Amanda said...

The one you made was way better and it did match her dress perfectly.

*I was proud to wear chicken feathers in my hair!

Jeannie said...

I was going to say the same thing as Kay...why can't the US wear fascinators. I suppose we could all band together and make it happen. Everyone looks great! Congrats on the wedding...always a ton of fun! Found you over at Finding Fabulous, by the way!

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