Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Vow Renewal Decorations

I'm still alive! Sorry I've been so MIA lately the holidays were CRAZY!
My husband and I visited family in Canada and the US and our house has been FULL of people and fun stuff going on so I was way too busy to blog.
But alas the family has all gone home, my husband is in Canada for 8 weeks studying for the USMLE (licensing exam for doctors) and I am here waiting anxiously to be called for a job! shew.
I've only been talking about my sister's vow renewal for an entire year and it's already came and went!
It turned out beautifully and went off without a hitch.
well aside from the music not working... microphone set up next to a CD player it was!
I'll share the pictures in steps... today the decorations!
We decided to do every table a little different and I am so please with how they turned out.  I didn't really stick to the plan so they are quite different than my inspiration images, but still beautiful and wintery.
Sometimes a girl just has to go with what's on clearance, right?
and don't worry, I found something to wear! at a yard sale! more about it later.
 Hot Chocolate and smores bar by the fireplace!
The stage

So what did you do New Year's Eve?

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Amanda said...

You did a great job, Kels. I know Molly loved it. I wish we'd had our table contest I'm glad you got all these decorator shots too, I didn't think of that in the rush. It was such an amazing night!

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