Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I Wear Wednesday {Transition to Spring}

there is a joke about Ohio saying that it's one of the few places where you have to use your heat and your air-conditioning both in the same day.
those days are here.
I love spring!!
but I need some clothes to sorta transition from hot to cold all in one day.

I love this jean trench coat I got several years ago.  It's lightweight, but still keeps me warm in the chilly mornings and is a little bit dressier than your typical jean jacket so it's good for work!

One trend I am loving for spring is oxford shoes.
I think it's still a bit early to bust out the sandals.... so sock-less oxfords are perfect!
I have been seeing them everywhere and really wanted a pair at JC Penny the other day (when I was buying my $20 coat) but resisted because they were $40 and I didn't need them..... but much to my amazement a pair showed up at the Salvation Army in just my size! And they're the real vintage deal. AND they were TWO DOLLARS!!!


And this fun bright colored plaid shirt?  I bought it at Goodwill in the 9th grade and have kept it all these years because I absolutely love it.  It's short sleeved so I threw a sweater on.

Other things I'm wearing to transition to spring? 
skirts and light weight scarves... but I don't have a picture of those.


Amanda said...

Kels, I didn't know you linked up with Pleated Poppy! You need one of those tag things! I follow her WIWW board on Pinterest.

Love the oxfords, I wish I still had my black ones from high school :( The ones you are wearing are much cuter than the ones I've seen at Target. :)

Sherri said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping in on my lil ole blog. I don't mind you using a photo with a link back at all. I'm honored. See I don't see myself as very 'stylish'. LOL I just like thrift shopping and TRY my best to show people what you can find and wear. I am TOTALLY jealous of your $2 oxfords. UGH. I.want.a.pair. You are just adorable and I love the GW shirt you've had since 9th grade. What GREAT colors! I would have kept it too. :-)

Rachel Kaylynn said...

I love your shoes! Vintage & only $2 - amazing find! Trying really hard not to be jealous :)

Mia Joie said...

Hey Kelsey thanks for stopping by my blog : )
I really like the Trench coat and the GW shirt. I can see myself wearing something like that.

BTW I love your blog header!

mary said...

Thanks for stopping by Trusty Chucks--and go for it with using a picture. I'd be honored. Love this post and those shoes for $2?? So jealous!

simona said...

how awesome that you still have that shirt!
the jean coat is really nice, let me know in case you don't want it anymore one day... ;)

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