Tuesday, March 27, 2012

blonde and bangs

I finally went for it!
I got bold and cut bangs!!
April of last year I wrote a post about wanting bangs, haha... only 1 year later I actually followed through!


and I may or may not have gone several shades lighter :)
I got used to the Grenadian sun bleaching out my hair and wasn't so happy with the brown roots growing in.
I think that the blonde makes my eyes looks much bluer because I've had several people ask me since the hair cut if I have colored contacts in, nope!


I also like the way it dresses up my pony tail.  I have a lot of fine hairs that stick out or curl up in the front and it makes my pony tails look pretty messy so the bangs cover all that up!

When I went to school the next day one of my 5th graders exclaimed "you look like Barbie!!"
I'm not sure compliments get better than that...


Courtney B said...

Ah! I LOVE your hair! The color and the bangs... so stunning on you!

I've been meaning to email you! I LOVE my wreath!! Thank you :)

Megan said...

The bangs look smokin' on you!!

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