Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Wear Wednesday

Wednesday again!
I have a great deal to share with you!!
My new coat!  It is Worthington from JC Penny originally cost $250!  Seriously someone out there paid $250 for this coat.... but I paid..... $20!!! That is like 90% off! 
ALL WOMEN'S COATS ARE $20 AT JC PENNY NOW!  (at least ours in Ashland, Ky)

 I wish a picture could show you how nice it is... the nicest coat I've ever owned that's for sure.  It's so warm it kept me toasty in the cold cold cold Canadian weather. 
Praise the Lord I'm back in Southern Ohio today and it was a balmy 55degrees today :)
Check out that snow!  The most we've had here was about 1 inch, which you saw last Wednesday and scolded me for not wearing socks ;)
I have the thinking that if I'm going to be spending 95% of my time indoors I can wear whatever, right?

Thanks to my sweet husband for being my photographer :)  I can't wait until he is here everyday and can take my picture, right?! 


These are my new boot socks and I will be sharing how I made them soon :)


Emily said...

That coat is way too cute! And I seriously cannot remember the last time I was in a JC Penny {which might explain why they are discounting items up to 90%}

You are freakin' adorable, by the way :)

Courtney B said...

$20 for a coat?? You're kidding me! That's amazing... and it's so dang CUTE!

SheDan said...

Wow! That is a super deal! And it a cute coat too! There isn't usually such cute stuff to be found when discounts go that low. Yay for you!

Marisa said...

Your winter outfits are so cute!

Mallory said...

Cute, cute, cute! And $20 for a coat at JCP!? I added "going to JCP" to my weekend to do list now!

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