Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Wear Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!
I'm sharing a few of my "work" outfits over the past week.
I work in a school... and my husband made fun of me when I complained about having to dress "too modestly"
it sounds terrible when you say it out loud.
I obviously don't want to dress un-modest, but I feel slightly limited because I work in a school.  Does that make sense?
I wore a dress to school one day and a 5th grade boy seriously whistled at me when I walked into a classroom (in front of another teacher!)
talk about embarrassing.
It was knee length, I had one tights, and a sweater!
I've since kept away from the dresses.

I also feel slightly bummed out by the practical shoes I have to wear.
If I wear heels they click loudly as I walk down the halls and people say things like "I can believe you are wearing those shoes when you're on your feet all day"
yea well... I'm an adult and am smart enough to not wear shoes that hurt my feet when I KNOW I'll be standing the majority of the day.
But I'd rather just avoid such conversations, so flats it is.



I love these shoes! From Target a few years ago.


Granny sweater vest from Goodwill updated with a belt {also purchased at Goodwill)


This I actually wore to church on Sunday.
Secret about this dress?  It's maternity!  An extra small maternity that I bought on clearance and wear with a belt :)

another bad thing about not living in Grenada anymore? The sun is no longer bleaching out my roots... bleh.


Mz E said...

cute fits Kels! *smile* I believe if the shoes aren't hurting ya feet then ROCK'em! *smile* love how you rocked that sweater vest, ma! *smile*

preethi said...

Okay, those shoes are ridiculously darling. I'm sad they're not recent! Following you now. :)


DeeAnna said...

I love to see a fellow Goodwill Shopper! You look adorable!

SheDan said...

Cute flats!
One of my favorite tops is actually a maternity shirt I got on clearance. :-p

ChristyB said...

I say wear your heels and wear them proudly! Love the dress. I would never have known it was a maternity dress.

Makaila said...

I'm always jealous when I see great goodwill finds. Never happens to me! Love the first outfit especially.. really really cute

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

loving how you belted that last dress, so pretty.

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