Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Years Eve Vow Renewal Centerpieces

I've mentioned my sister's upcoming vow renewal ceremony this New Years a couple times before - most importantly - what am I going to wear?! haha. just kidding Sister.  And also the save the dates that I made using Picnik.

Now onto the decorations! yay!
For the centerpieces I have a few different ideas, most of which haven't really been run by the sister yet, but all she said was that she wanted it to be pretty! Check!

Bottles rolled in Epsom salts to look like snow!  I love these!  So easy, cheap, and beautiful!  Does anyone at home drink wine??  I'll be accepting bottle donations!

Keeping with the Epsom salt theme... in jars or vases it looks like snow!  I'd like to combine this idea with these hurricane vases -

I also think that Christmas ornaments make great table decorations and can be bought by the dozen at the Dollar Tree!

One the things I made for my wedding was tissue paper flowers and I think that white and silver tissue paper flowers will be so pretty with a winter theme.

And one final cheapo decorating idea is to gather a bunch of branches and spray paint them silver.  I think these could be beautiful on the stage during the ceremony if done in large bundles as well as dispersed through the dining room!

I am so excited to get home and dive into making decorations for my sister's big celebration!! I will have 1 week to make all the decorations! haha! easy right?  Thankfully I have all the vases left from my wedding to use and finding Epsom salts, branches, and silver and blue Christmas ornaments will be an easy task... I hope.

Stay tuned for many, many more ideas!  Next I'll be sharing my idea for a huge lit up ball to drop at midnight!  Have you ever had a New Years Eve party?? Any great ideas to share?


Sar said...

I cannot wait to see photos of the vow renewal! I have complete faith that it's going to be gorgeous.

Just stopping by for Comment Love Sunday!

bird and tree said...

I love all these ideas!!! You are super crafty so I know you can pull it off! I loved those save the dates you made by the way!!!! Good luck with all the decorating! Cant wait to see!!!

Anonymous said...

These are all super cute and creative :)

Lea Liz said...

Love all of these ideas, especially the epsom salt, how neat!

I had a winter wedding and we did alot of the spray painted branches and it is so pretty and cheap!!!!

Love your layout!!!

Kay said...

Love all the decor ideas. I think winter is the most fun season to decorate for!

Sandra said...

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