Thursday, November 10, 2011

a piece of home...

Hey guess who has reached 30,000 views? me!  I don't know if that's good or not, but it's an even number so it sounds big to me!

I have more pictures from my sister's A-dorable house!  Read my first post about the bunting around her home {here}.
The reason this wall in my nieces' room is so special is because this old window literally came from our childhood home.  My sister went up to our old house and took the window!  I am TOTALLY doing that as soon as I get home in December!
Background on that - our parents built a new home on the same property and our old house is still sitting there {and totally falling apart.... like it was when we lived in} so I will be de-constructing quite a few relics from the old place soon!

On to the window, like I said before my sister and I share a love of vintage goodness and her kids are lucky enough to be surrounded all of her amazing treasures!




And yes the baby girl who sleeps in this room is just as sweet as the decor eludes.


Anonymous said...

The window is super cute and I especially love where it came from, how meaningful :)

Urska M. said...

So cute! Love the patchwork styled window & the ultra cute hangers! Much love, xo

- Urska @

- - I'm moving in my new place these days, so if you have any useful moving, organizing or tips of any kind you'd like to share I'd be very, very happy & thankful! You can find me @ Live.Create.Inspire Thank youuu ;) - -

Bon Bon said...

Such sweet decor! Love the vintage vibe! xoxo

Emily Joyce said...

Congrats on 30,000! That's huge :D

That might be the cutest nursery I have ever seen! I love the vintage feel, and it's so adorable! How special that she used a window from your childhood home!

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