Monday, November 28, 2011

don't worry about a thing.

You know what I do?  I beat myself up over the fact that I've been too busy to blog.
Blogging about decorating and crafts is not that important.
No one is anxiously awaiting what I have to say.  No one is paying me to do this.  No lives are being saved.

The world will be just fine if I never blog again (oh but I will!)

So once my life settles down I'll be back, possibly tomorrow. who knows.
As for now I'm wrapping up my time in Grenada... packing, cleaning, saying my goodbyes, and crying myself to sleep....

Want to see some insanely awesome pictures I took this week with my friend Amber? yes!


Miss Kitty said...

Hi Kelsey! Girl, I know you are busy if you are getting ready to move! I didn't get to post much in November either...just too much else going on...I love my little blog but I can't let it run my life. I love your pictures...very creative! I think moving is about the hardest thing in the world to do for many reasons...stay in touch with us.

DIY Addict said...

Congratulations!!! You have been awarded the Versatile blogger award. you may check it here

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