Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vintage Toys

Baby Coghill's room doesn't really have a set theme, other than colors, but I love all things vintage - so I have collected lots of vintage toys and books for him!  All are from thrift stores or yard sales - meaning they were really cheap, yay!

I think these play in well with the black, white, and bright scheme.  What about you?

oh and to tie in the black and white stuff I got this black and white rug on clearance at Ikea! 
question - what do you call these?! 
found, in box, unused $2 - best find ever? yes! 
a little blurry... but I love lions. 
Daddy isn't a doctor yet, but if this baby is born after February 28th he will be!!! :)
A few of my favorite books so far.  I have quite the collection I've been accumulating.... for years before this baby boy was even though of  :) 

and remember our little radio flyer bike we used in the gender reveal! 

We're even having a vintage toy themed baby shower! I can't wait! 

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Katherine Wilder said...

Awesome stuff! I had a puzzle just like that and I knew where every state was - it's stayed with me throughout life! Cool site!

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