Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yarn Bomb Rocking Chair!

Have you seen yarn bombing? I'm pretty positive if you're been on the internet, ever, you have. 

It's a trend where people wrap or knit yarn around ordinary items like trees, benches, bike racks, whatever! 

Well I decide to yarn bomb my rocking chair!
I got it last summer at a yard sale for $10 and love the color of it so I wasn't ready to fully commit to painting it just yet.... but needed a chair for the nursery.  At some point in my crazy thinking I got the idea to wrap the spindles of the chair with yarn!
I had several bunches of yarn left over from my feeble attempts at crocheting last winter - black, white, green, blue, red, and a coral/orange color.  Luckily all these colors fit perfect with our theme! 

I'm not gonna lie... it was tedious.  I may have watched an entire season of What Not to Wear on Netflix one Saturday working on this.  But the idea is very simple.  You tie yarn to the chair and start wrapping and wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.  And make sure it is TIGHT and that you're constantly pushing it up or down, whichever way you're wrapping, to ensure that there are no gaps. 

I had no rhyme or reason to the amount of each color that I used, I just tried to be random.

and avoid any resemblance to a chevron pattern ;) 

Give me a few months and I'll let you know how durable it is.
But the good news is if I ever get tired of it and want my plain blue chair back I just need a pair of scissors!

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