Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wear Wednesday

 The Gilded Arrow bracelet from Stella & Dot and
the Around the World watch from Urban Outfitters go together perfectly!
Also wearing my Fiona earrings and Avalon Cresecent necklace.
I'm loving gold so much these days I'm not gonna lie I googled "can I have my wedding set dipped in gold"
husband was not amused....

 Fiona earrings and Palamino necklace.

ok this is a bad picture of what I'm "wearing" but look at my new Ikat bag!
and that shower door.... ick.  It's a rental, that's my defense.

PS! I'm doing a $25 gift card giveaway that you could use towards one of those items! yeeeea


Eric said...

Kelsey, you are pretty and I like that braelet

raleve jesica said...

Too beautiful, really enjoy this. It seems that the season for sheepskin jackets is coming soon, I really want to get myself a great one on before it is too late.

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