Saturday, March 23, 2013


I miss this blog so much.
I miss doing fun crafty things.
But you know what I still do everyday?
Get dressed!
I told someone the other day it has become the ONLY source of fun in my life. haha.
sad but true.
For some reason I decided it'd be a good idea to take 4 graduate level courses at once.
But I want to get  done so badly.... and... I mean I have an A in all 4 classes so....yea.

So I've decided to start blogging again on here, even if it's just to share my instagram pics
let me know if you insta too so I can follow you!  It's my addiction.  I'm simple @kelseycoghill

Dress- Target
Tights - K-Mart
Necklace - Thrifted!

 Dress - Target
Tights - Target
Belt - thrifted!
Boots - JC Penny

 $4 LEATHER trench coat!!
thrifted. obviously.

Hair clip - I've had for so long I can't remember
Shirt - Target
Shoes - Old navy
Pants - Forever 21 Thrifted

 Shirt - Ann Taylor Loft - thrifted
Pants - Forever 21 - thrifted (for $1!)
Shoes - Forever 21 - thrifted!

Shirt - no idea - thrifted
Belt - Charlotte Russe - $1.99
Pants - Target
Shoes - thrifted
Earrings - gift

Dress - Target (noticing a trend here?? :)
Sweater Blazer - thrifted! (I need to get a better pic of it)
Tights and Boots - JC Penny
Necklace - Old Navy
Belt - thrifted

my absolute favorite leggings that I've never worn in public - Wet Seal
Mug - Target :)

Ok so blogging friends, please say you'll take me back.
I'll try harder.

I linked up with The Pleated Poppy for the first time in almost a year! 


Amber said...

You should so be the clothes designer on Pretty Little Liars! I love your outfits so much! Please come take me thrift store shopping with you ASAP.

Jamie Lynn said...

OMG you are too cute- and love the thrifted items too! I also love Target! Just joined your blog and wanted to say Hi! Stop by mine if ya want! Have a great day!

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