Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Tour!!

I made the announcement on my other blog this week that I am officially starting Grad school this fall!!
I'll be getting my Masters in Professional Counseling!

What does that mean for this blog??
Well at first I thought it meant that I'd have to stop blogging (and lets face it I haven't been so swift lately anyway) but the I started thinking about my college days and spending lots of time on the computer (and I'm taking online classes) and I figure I'll be procrastinating a good bit, so there will probably be LOTS of posts to come!

I'll be working full time AND going to school full time.  I'm slightly nervous, but super excited to get started and on the track to a career that I actually want/feel called to do.  You can read more about it on my personal blog.
Oh and I just got my first professional job as a wedding planner!  Wedding is in June! I'm so excited, more about that later!!

Now lets get on with the home tour!!
I finally broke down and took pictures of the entire house, regardless of it's "readiness".
It is what it is.... and I won't have time for decorating starting August 20th.

I will say that it's so totally different decorating your own house as opposed to someone else's/ finding ideas on pinterest.
I have so many personal things that I have been saving and collecting for years that I can't stand the thought of not having.... so my house gets a little - crowded if you will.
I think I'd call my style... flea market chic.

But we love it and I can't wait to share with you, quirks and all.
I'm going to start with the main room when you walk in the door, the dining and living area.

As soon as you walk in the front door, there is one large open room that I have converted into a duo living/dining area.   It's pretty tricky to do this, especially I'm finding with what to hang on the walls.  In the dining room I have a few random mirrors propped against the wall and I love the way they look.  They look much better in person, and I'm still looking for an even  BIGGER mirror to add to the collection.


I love the look of mismatched chairs, done purposefully. My friend Kristen gave me this table and I've collected chairs from thrift stores and yard sales.  The chair on the left end was FREE! :) 


Coke and Sprite bottles from my two trips to St. Vincent and the Tobago Cays.  I have a thing for glass Coke bottles and these are very special to me because of the great memories from the trips.  I think of the sea turtles every time I see them.



A view to see how the apartment is laid out. 

Vintage school desk I bought for $5!  and original art work by yours truly.... of what else - Grenada!


Moving into the living room.  This couch is so awesome.  We bought it on clearance for $300 at Value City Furniture.  It has beautiful lines and the upholstery isn't grey... it has a slight pattern to it!

What would you call this?? At first I thought herringbone, but no?

A collection of my favorite things!
I know the book shelf is a little too small and this looks a little cluttered.  But.... I haven't found another one!
 Rocker from a yard sale, came already this color.
Globes, keys, cameras, frames, mirrors, and books!
See the slight zebra print in the background of the shelf?? Tissue paper I glued on for just a tad of drama.


TV area.  This too has a story.  The TV is on a little table, and there is another table with the front legs removed on top of the TV acting as a shelf so I could have a lamp on this wall!
And of course suitcases and plants.
Note I don't have curtains.... or don't note.  I'm still on that mission.

Coffee table with tiles I found on the beaches of Grenada....
in a bowl I found on the side of the road in Grenada!! love it.

My Grenada area.  This picture kinda sucks.... the lighting is tough to work with in here, ok?
This corner is patiently waiting for the perfect chair to go in it too...

This shelf came bolted on the wall and I hated it. hated it.  We're renting so couldn't remove it.... so I found it to be the perfect place to display alllllllllllllllllllllll my shells and sea finds from Grenada!!! Obsessed much??
And to the right is a Cricket bat I found on the beach one day too!!!
How did I get all this stuff home??? lol.  I left all my clothes and shoes behind ;) 



So there you have it.  My Parisian, Caribbean, thrift store mash-up.... in Michigan.



-STEPHANIE said...

I love it!! Especially the Grenada wall! I plan to do a Grenada section too although I don't have near the amount of stuff that you do. I love the cricket bat and when I read about it I was thinking "I was there when she found that! I was there!!" MIss you tons friend!

Amanda said...

Nicely done, Kels! The more I look at it the more I like it. You get to see and appreciate more details that way. So 27 new page views from California? Probably all me, lol

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