Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Joy to the World

I shared some images from my sister's house about a month ago and I am increasingly more and more impressed with her style and creativity.
She has outdone herself for Christmas this year.  My favorite decorations include her globes.  I have a weak spot for globes and the way she incorporated them into her Christmas decor is so great!!

Joy to the world

Peace on Earth
The box used to be my mom's jewelry box and the pine cones inside are from our parent's home in Ohio!  I love all the little sentimental keys around her house.

Love you sister & can't wait to spend New Years together!!


Amanda C. said...

Beautiful. The sentiment is definitely the best part.

Sherika Lovett Alston said...

Love when there is meaning behind decor! Great job! Your newest follower!!

Pearl said...

oh my gosh! I love globes starting to collect some! That is such a lovely display! so cute and eclectc! Dont you love scensy products! I have them in every room! ;) Looking forward to read more of your blog!


katrina - dot dot dash said...

Beautiful! What a sweet and sentimental idea, yet so simple x

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