Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hardware store adventure take 2

Yesterday I told my story about getting free keys from the hardware store...
well I went back and this awesome yellow chain caught my eye!
It is meant to be you know... chain.  Chain for a lock or something.
But I saw a necklace.
You should have seen the guys face when he saw me holding it up to my neck...He was like... "miss?" haha and I said yes I need 2 feet of this! 

This is also my attempt at zipper flowers.  The fabric store downtown has drawers of zippers (probably from 1960) and the lady there also thought I was weird for picking zippers out according to color and not length (although longer is better).
I have no tutorial because there are already a million out there, but it's just a zipper and a glue gun.

I just pinned the flowers to the chain so I have the option of changing it up.




I like the funky color combinations, what about you?

Today over at Newlyweds Bliss you can read all about Lee and I's love story :)


Shannon @FairfaceWashcloths said...

Very unique idea! You never know what trends you just started! :)

Emily said...

I love this idea!! So unique and fun!


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