Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Peek Into Baby Coghill's Nursery

Baby Coghill and I are continuing to grow and things are going amazingly well! If the rest of my pregnancy goes as well as the first 33 weeks we may be having a lot of Coghill babies in the future :)
If you're interested in our progress you can follow along with my other blog!

 Here is a look into his room, not a final product, as there are still things we need and some more organization needs to be done, but I couldn't wait to share our progress!
Just a reminder that this is a temporary room as we'll only be living in this apartment until about the 1st of June so our little one will not even remember his first room... but that's ok, onward to new adventures!
Baby Coghill is sharing his room with the spare bed (not pictured) and his daddy's desk and musical instrument collection (which now includes an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a banjo, and a ukulele) so he ended up with about one wall of space... but it worked out fine! Good thing we chose the smaller bedroom for our room - the "spare" room now serves many many functions!

Remember my yarn bombed rocking chair?  I posted about it here! 

This baby must be pretty special if I'm willing to pass on my stuffed lion to him... :)

The mobile I made with clearance party decorations from Target and the inner hoop of an embroidery hoop.

This personalized sock monkey was handmade by my mom! Isn't he adorable! 

Don't mind the piles of stuff on top of the changing table!  We didn't have the pad yet and so all of the miscellaneous stuff I don't know what to do with yet is there... I think we'll be getting some boxes or something to put under the crib for extra storage. 

I did a post about this canvas several weeks ago - read about how I did it here! 

I obviously love vintage toys!  See my post about some of my collection here.
See my paddle in the corner?  Lee makes fun of me for it, but I found it at a yard sale and someday I'm going to hang it on the wall... but for now it's just in the corner and looks cool, if I do say so myself. 

I saw this little lion on pinterest as a vinyl wall decal so I decided to copy it and paint my little one his own version.  Lions are my favorite! 
On the right is a drum I got Lee for Christmas - baby's first drum so Daddy can teach him everything he knows about making lots of noise. 

The little giraffe on the left was a gift from my sister - she got it in Korea! 
And Baby Coghill's name is going to be written out in blocks on top of these Golden Books..... when he has a name :) 

Please note we're on the lookout for all the little barnyard animals to go with our barn!!  If you see them in a thrift store or at a yard sale get them for me!  Or if you have them already and don't want them..... I'll gladly take them off your hands.  Our poor baby currently only has the barn. boo 

Also getting a little obsessed with the alphabet.... need to stop before his whole room is a bunch of letters! 

A few of my favorite things - but you're asking what isn't my favorite, right?
This map puzzle I got at a thrift store for $2!  I was entirely too excited.
The bus my sister-in-law Mahima found for me, but there is a long story that involves Lee and I going to a estate sale months ago and me wanting this exact bus, but passing on it because I thought it was too expensive.  Then as we were about to leave we found out that everything in the house was 50% off!  I ran back upstairs to get my bus and some woman was carrying it to the checkout.
I was sad about it for days, seriously.
Then Mahima without even knowing the story bought it for us!  :)

These are vintage flash cards I found recently at Salvation Army, I love the pictures and the things they say!
These are hanging over the spare bed, which the day of the photo shoot was covered in stuff and not ready to be photographed :) 

And finally, and albeit a little random is this bike wheel I found in the trash one day turned into a sort of bulletin board for some of my favorite cards we've received.  My friend Lauren made the card on the right that says "oh boy" and it inspired me to do a water color of the "hello little one" on the left.
This is above Lee's desk. 

So there you have it.  Our progress thus far, still room for improvements and organization :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vintage Toys

Baby Coghill's room doesn't really have a set theme, other than colors, but I love all things vintage - so I have collected lots of vintage toys and books for him!  All are from thrift stores or yard sales - meaning they were really cheap, yay!

I think these play in well with the black, white, and bright scheme.  What about you?

oh and to tie in the black and white stuff I got this black and white rug on clearance at Ikea! 
question - what do you call these?! 
found, in box, unused $2 - best find ever? yes! 
a little blurry... but I love lions. 
Daddy isn't a doctor yet, but if this baby is born after February 28th he will be!!! :)
A few of my favorite books so far.  I have quite the collection I've been accumulating.... for years before this baby boy was even though of  :) 

and remember our little radio flyer bike we used in the gender reveal! 

We're even having a vintage toy themed baby shower! I can't wait! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Monthly maternity photos!

The progression of my pregnancy so far!
Not much of a change yet... but it's definitely coming!

July 5-8 weeks

August 9-13 weeks 

September 14-17 weeks 

October 18-22 weeks 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yarn Bomb Rocking Chair!

Have you seen yarn bombing? I'm pretty positive if you're been on the internet, ever, you have. 

It's a trend where people wrap or knit yarn around ordinary items like trees, benches, bike racks, whatever! 

Well I decide to yarn bomb my rocking chair!
I got it last summer at a yard sale for $10 and love the color of it so I wasn't ready to fully commit to painting it just yet.... but needed a chair for the nursery.  At some point in my crazy thinking I got the idea to wrap the spindles of the chair with yarn!
I had several bunches of yarn left over from my feeble attempts at crocheting last winter - black, white, green, blue, red, and a coral/orange color.  Luckily all these colors fit perfect with our theme! 

I'm not gonna lie... it was tedious.  I may have watched an entire season of What Not to Wear on Netflix one Saturday working on this.  But the idea is very simple.  You tie yarn to the chair and start wrapping and wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.  And make sure it is TIGHT and that you're constantly pushing it up or down, whichever way you're wrapping, to ensure that there are no gaps. 

I had no rhyme or reason to the amount of each color that I used, I just tried to be random.

and avoid any resemblance to a chevron pattern ;) 

Give me a few months and I'll let you know how durable it is.
But the good news is if I ever get tired of it and want my plain blue chair back I just need a pair of scissors!

linking up with Craft-O-Manic! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alphabet Wall Art for Nursery

As promised, I will update more often and keep track the best I can of all the little projects I'm working on for the nursery for Baby Boy Coghill!
The intended "theme" of the room is black-white-and-bright!!

First, I'll share this alphabet art I made over the weekend.  It was super easy to do and took pretty much 0 art skills, promise.
I've seen tons of versions of the alphabet on pinterest and knew I wanted to make my own, and when I found the absolute perfect vinyl letters on clearance at Target I knew it'd make the project so much simpler than painting them by hand.

I started with a large canvas that I literally found in the trash!
My sister was in town visiting and we walked over to a nearby park on a Sunday afternoon, and Monday is garbage day so there was tons of stuff out.  That day I found a suitcase, Christmas ornaments, a large decorative frame, and this barely used canvas!
I figured someday I'd paint over it or find some use for it - canvases this large are not cheap.

Supplies: Canvas, letters, and white paint. 

  I started out with a few coats of white paint over someone else's failed attempt at an art project 

 Cut out each of the letters and decided what type of configuration I wanted.  I ended up putting 6 letters on the second row since F and I are such small letters. 

 Stuck them to the canvas and put it up on the wall to study it.... but it seemed like something was missing.  I didn't originally intend to have it off center (haha. maybe I shouldn't admit to that!) but once I put up the first row it was a little heavy to the left, but whatever, I just went with it figuring I'd find something to fill the space later. 

 I decided it needed some color!  So I found some scraps of paper I had lying around and played off the tribal-ish look of the letters and cut out a bunch of little triangles to get an arrow look. 

Final product!
I'm so happy with how it turned out and since we live in a rental and can't paint the walls the bright white of the canvas really brightens the room up.

I can't wait to have a little one living in this room and to someday teach them their ABCs!!!

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